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Psychotherapist Hanna Lilja

Shock Release


Therapy in English, Danish, Swedish and Finnish 

Therapy with me

Therapy with me

Psychotherapy is a invaluable tool for:
- improving well-being and mental health
- resolving or mitigating troublesome behaviors, beliefs, compulsions, thoughts or emotions
- improving relationships and social skills. 

In therapy, you will find a safe, non-judgmental environment where you will acquire tools that will help you to deal with your difficulties and improve your situation, step by step.
In our first sessions, I will help you to verbalize your concerns, describe your history and we will explore the possible causes of your difficulties together.
With my help as a skilled therapist, you will develop the insight, self-knowledge and awareness  you need to uncover and transform the unconscious patterns of thinking and feeling that are holding you back. You will develop new and constructive ways of thinking, about yourself and your situation. 
There are many reasons to seek counseling: 
    • Low self esteem or self worth 
    • Anxiety 
    • Panic attacks 
    • Depression 
    • Grief
    • Chalenges in acculturation processes  
    • Relational problems 
    • Stress 
    • Personal development 
As an immigrant myself and working with immigrants, I have both personal and professional experience dealing with alienation, the need to belong and the various challenges involved in the acculturation process. 
That is maybe the reason why I am very sought after by clients from all over the world dealing with their acculturation process in danish society.


Because of my long experience of working for an emergency service for nordic travellers in difficulty

and psychological councelling center, I'm very used to dealing with people in crises both big and small. 






Authorised Psychotherapist from GIS-International, Denmark

The program is approved by:

EAGT (European Association for Gestalt Therapy),

EAP (European Association for Psychotherapy)

DPF (Danish Psychotherapist Association)


Phenomenological Approach to Psychopathology and Clinical Practice,

Istituto di Psicopatologia Y Psicoterapia della Gestalt, Italy

Shock Release Master

Shock Release Academy by Nadia Ferhat




Family Life and ADHD

Teenager and ADHD

ADHD Association, Denmark


Stress Coach 
Preventing Stress by Bjarne Toftegaard, Denmark

Masterclass in Gestalt theory

Frans Meulmeester, GIS-International, Denmark

Gestalt diagnostics

Dr. Elinor Greenberg, Gestalt Institute, Sweden


Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers

Ph.D Karyl Mc Bride, Online Workshop



Introduction to TRE (Trauma and tension release exercises)

Susanne Andre, Denmark

Body Work in Couples therapy
Heidi Valasti, Finland



Attachment Theory
Inge Holm, Denmark

Reiki 1
Inger Thegler, Denmark



The Basics of Psychopathology

Gianni Francesetti,Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb, Jean-Marie Robine, Finland

Mindfulness 1
Gabriella Nagy, Denmark


Psychotherapeutic experience:


Teacher at Gestaltinstituttet

Supervisor at De Anbragtes Vilkår 


Counselor at Psychological Counseling Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


Private practicing Psychotherapist Shock Release master and Stress coach

Copenhagen, Denmark


Private practicing Psychotherapist

Malmö, Sweden


Volunteer as a Psychotherapist at SR-Assistance

Copenhagen, Denmark


Head of the following psychotherapeutic groups: ​


Weekends in personal development

Copenhagen, Denmark


Female group in personal development

Copenhagen, Denmark


Female group in personal development for expat women

Copenhagen, Denmark

2011: Group for women exposed to violence

Herlev, Denmark

2018: Co-leader for introduction weekend

GIS International, Orø, Denmark


About me

About me

I am a Finnish psychotherapist living in Denmark since 1986. 
I have also lived in Sweden, Spain and Argentina. 
My South American husband and I have been together since 1992, we have a daughter

from his previous marriage and  3 children together.

I'm a very calm, open minded, robust and honest person, with a strong sense of humor which I have found very useful in my practice as a therapist.  

Since I was born in Finland and lived in Sweden, Spain, Argentina and now for many years in Denmark and always had a very diverse circle of friends, I have developed a special understanding of the processes and challenges that arise in the encounter between multiple cultures.

I know what to go through when you choose to settle in a new culture and understand how it can trigger many different emotions, which among other things affect your relationships with the people you are among.

For the same reason and because I offer therapy in Danish, Swedish, Finnish and English, I am highly sought

after by clients with an international background.

My clients come from all over the world such as Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Canada, Italy, Spain, England, France, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden etc.

Since I graduated from GIS-International I have regularly updated my skills in theory and practice,

continuously participating in postgraduate training, supervision and my own therapy.



Hanna Lilja

Trepkasgade 17, kld
2100, KBH Ø

Tel: +45 60755892

Succes! Beskeden er sendt.

Practical information
Practical info

Appointments via via the contact formula or 

phone: +45 60 75 58 92 

Cancellation 24 hours before appointment or else, full payment.

I also offer therapy sessions online.


1 hour therapy-session: 900 DKK.

1 hour therapy-session for unemployed, students and retired people: 700 DKK.

1 hour supervision: 1000 DKK + VAT.
1.5 hour Couple Therapy: 1300 DKK.

As a member of the Danish Association of Psychotherapy, I follow their ethical guidelines and the sessions are under 100% confidentiality.

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